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Jeffrey Trail Middle School

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Jeffrey Trail Middle School

The new Jeffrey Trail Middle School was designed to house 18 standard classrooms, 6 science classrooms, 3 computer labs, arts/crafts, music, choral, a fitness center with shower and locker rooms, administrative office, theater, food service, library, media center and health services. The space programming was based on a core and cluster organization system with classrooms grouped around the media center. In accordance with CHPS Design values, the school integrates a suite of energy and water conservation technologies including lighting fixtures and controls, efficient mechanical systems, high insulation values in the building envelope, and low water consumption including plumbing fixtures and reclaimed water.

Capital was contracted by Irvine Unified School District to provide fundamental commissioning services in accordance with the requirements set forth by CHPS 2009. Systems commissioned includes ductwork, air door, zone damper terminal, TAB work, building automation system, packaged gas/electric units, exhaust fans, make-up air units, fan coil/outdoor condensing units, domestic hot water heaters and associated circulating pumps and controls, lighting controls, and occupancy sensors.


  • CHPS and HPI Documentation
  • Whole Building Commissioning


  • CHPS Verified