Capital Engineering Consultants, Inc. - CECI
Capital Engineering group shot of Principals

Staffing and Resources

Capital is structured in teams to focus on primary market sectors but also to build long standing relationships with our clients. Each team is capable of full production capacity and construction administration support but can also assist or draw upon the resources of other teams should the need arise. The teams are:

  • Healthcare: led by Bryan Johnson
  • Higher Education: led by Thomas Duval
  • K-12 Education: led by Michael Minge
  • Civic/Justice: led by Anthony Colacchia and Kevin Stillman
  • Science + Technology: led by John Lionakis and Steve Myers

We also have a cross-market team specializing in Building Optimization led by Chuck Shinneman to assist in high performance modeling and sustainability consulting in addition to offering whole building commissioning to our client base.

Capital has full time, dedicated, BIM development and management resources, construction support personnel, and the best-of-class software for drawing production, design, and coordination. Additionally, due to our diverse project locations and project teams in multiple offices, we have state-of-the-art video conferencing and visualization capabilities.